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How To Install A Screen Saver
1. Click on the "Download" link to download the screen saver
2. A window will pop up asking you what you want to do. You want to "save this program to disk".
3. A second window will pop up asking you " save as" at the top of that window it says "save in" click on the downward pointing arrow and find "Desktop" click on it. Now the "save in" should say desktop. Click the "save" button
4. A third window will open and start showing you the status of your download.

Once the download is complete you will see a new icon on your desktop called "screesavername.exe". Just Double Click on it and follow the prompts, it will self-install. A "Properties" window will be the last thing that comes up on your screen, simply Click on "Preview" and enjoy your new screen saver.

Note: Some screen savers are contained within zip files and you will need to extracted them first with an "unzipping" utility, such as WinZip before you can install them.

How To Uninstall A Screen Saver
1. Click the "Start" button.
2. Select "Settings".
3. Click "Control Panel".
4. Double Click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon.
5. Select the name of the screen saver from the list of installed programs, then click the Add/Remove button.

Will you e-mail new screen savers to me?
We do not email screen savers to you because some of the files are too large to send through email.

Do you create custom screen savers?
Yes, we can create custom screen savers to promote your company or product. You can offer these screen savers for download on your web site or we can promote them on 100FreeScreenSavers.com for you.

Are there other 100Free web sites?
Yes, other FREE sites in our network include 100FreeWallpapers.com and 100FreeGames.com.

Why don't you have any screen savers for Mac users?
At this time our screen saver creation software is only able to produce screen savers for Windows 95/98/2000/NT and higher.

If you are having trouble getting a particular download to work, please email us with the name of the file you are having a problem with. We will check it out and get back to you.

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